COVID-19 Updates


Roadmap to ease COVID-19 Restrictions


To all Tyrrelstown Cricket Club players, members and supporters

Please go through the roadmap sets out by the Govt for lifting COVID-19 restrictions and updates received from Fingal County Council below. Please pay attention to sports section in each of the links.

18 May (phase 1) -…/ad5dd0-easing-the-covid-19-restrictio…/

8 June (phase 2) -…/7ae99f-easing-the-covid-19-restrictio…/

29 June (phase 3) -…/d06271-easing-the-covid-19-restrictio…/

20 July (phase 4) -…/acc4de-easing-the-covid-19-restrictio…/

10 August (phase 5) -…/dd26a8-easing-the-covid-19-restrictio…/

It came to our notice that non club members are using the pitch in Tyrrelstown Park in the recent days. 

Please stop this, stick to the restrictions sets out the Govt and maintain the social distance.

Thank you.

Tyrrelstown Cricket Club